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CNC Fabrication Services


CNC Folding

The CNC press brake is capable of producing a diverse and complex range of bends.  Programming and tools set up ensure consistent accuracy and quality of components .

Machine Capacity

Folding: 4.5mm

Job Size:  1000mm 

CNC Milling & Lathing

The CNC machining centres with automatic tool changers, produce complex shapes and profiles with high accuracy. 

Lathe Capacity

Lathe Tool Positions:  12

Max. cutting length: 685mm

Spindle Bar Capacity:  76mm

Milling Capacity

Milling Capacity

Accuracy: 0.01mm

Job Size:  750mm x 500mm

CNC Punching

With a hit rate of up to 1,200 strokes per minute the turret punch is extremely fast and reliable. Once programmed it can repeat the same punch process many times with no loss of quality or accuracy. The machine can add countersinks, embossments, extrusions, and louvers.

Machine Capacity

Punching:  6mm

Job Size:  1000mm x 2000mm

MIG & TIG Welding

A good weld is vital for integrity of the product. Designing the correct weld joint is important for cost, strength and visual appearance. Selecting a correct joint and welding process for the job, while considering accessibility is critical when designing a welded product.

I am able to offer MIG & TIG welding. Happy to provide advice on the best approach during your design stages.

3D Design & Development

Design and development assistance is available for different stages of your project. If, however, all you have is a sketch, I offer 3D service to get you ready for production.





Techniques, Materials & Finishes



I use my machines in a non-conventional way and push them to their limits to achieve beautiful cuts and sharp folds.

precision fold offers a sharp edge where the inside radius is 0mm.  An average fold achieves inside radius of 4mm, which gives you a rounded fold. 


Aluminium, stainless and mild steel are materials I predominantly work with.  For more decorative and high end projects, brass, copper and bronze are available.


I am happy to advise for additional properties such as corrosive resistance, hardness and weight to strength ratio.


I can offer a range of finishes such as powder coating, spray painting, chrome nickel and zink plating and anodizing. 

I work with hand picked suppliers and collaborators to produce finishes to your specification.



I'm Claude Gerald

I'm an engineer with 30 years of experience and the love of wielding metal into submission.

I believe in finding solutions through innovation. I use my machines in a non-conventional way and push them to their limits to achieve beautiful cuts and sharp folds.


I've spent the last 10 years helping clients to create beautifully engineered, aesthetically uncompromising points of sale. 


My methodical and personal approach has helped deliver intricate perfume stands, sturdy point of sale displays and store furnishings to some of the top fashion and beauty brands.


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